Best Places For Whitewater Kayaking

Ask anyone who lives in a state with rivers that are large enough for whitewater kayaking and naturally that person will say that that particular state has the best places. Of course, that person is right, at least where that specific state is concerned. 

Whitewater kayaking enthusiasts who like to combine vacationing with their favorite past time can find plenty of places to travel to. A few of them are listed below. Some may be familiar, others may come as a bit of a surprise. For more seasoned veterans of kayaking, these kayaking spots serve as vacation spots on a yearly basis.

  1. Tennessee and the Ocoee River: Rapids can change from Class I-very small and easy to navigate, to Class V-in the time it takes to go around a bend in the river. That makes this spot perfect for both beginning and experienced whitewater kayaking participants.
  2. New York and the Hudson River: This is the one that may come as a surprise, especially when one’s thoughts of New York automatically turn to New York City. While it is true and the Hudson River flows right through New York City, remember that it had to come from somewhere on its way to the ocean. Part of that somewhere is Westchester County, where whitewater kayaking tours are abundant.
  3. International Locations: These include such places as Costa Rica, China, locations in the Swiss Alps, and really unusual places such as Afghanistan. The destination alone can earn any of these places a spot in the “best” categories.
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