Best Places To Work

The best places to work are the companies that understand that the health and morale of employees is good for bottom line. Instead of using surveillance and other tricks to demonstrate authority and instill obedience, some workplaces just naturally inspire employees to do their best. Mounting evidence suggests that more companies should follow the examples of the work environments below. 

  1. Dreamworks Animation SKG. Dreamworks is the brain behind the movie "Shrek". They hire visual artists, software engineers, story writers, character developers, lighting technicians and creative folks from many fields. Professional development programs include free art and yoga classes, and there's a big party every month. Your meals are also free at this animation company. Dreamworks also gives your creativity a voice by encouraging you to submit movie ideas. 
  2. Google. Google makes most of the lists for being one of the best places to work. Like Dreamworks, Google offers free meals for employees and even free laundry services. If you work at the Mountain View headquarters, you can also take a free meditation class called "Search Inside Yourself" for greater energy, productivity and health. Google is one company that is always looking for ways to boost employee morale. 
  3. Intel Corporation. Intel has an onsite "Great Place to Work" team. This is a crew that ensures that employees are not only preventing burnout, but actually having fun at work. They place a heavy emphasis on fitness and wellness programs as well as free professional development classes. Many job positions also have a work at home option. Intel will also reimburse your college tuition if you work a skilled job that requires a degree. 
  4. Zappos. Are you "fun and a little weird?" That's great, because not only does this clothing retailer want you, but the phrase is actually one of their mottos. Employees enjoy free vending machines and free lunch, nerf gun wars, dressing up in silly costumes and even singing karaoke! Zappos must be one of the best places to work for quirky extraverts, so apply now for your dream job. 
  5. Tribe Inc. Tribe Inc is a small company that designs and implements employee engagement programs for corporate clients. They make other companies' cultures more healthy and fun like Zappos', which probably does not need to be on their client list. Tribe's great perk is that they offer three total "wellness hours" per week per employee. Employees may slip out of the office any time to use the ice hockey rink or the meditation room, to take a stroll along the river or to do anything that is healthy and fun. Tribe employees are happy to admit that they enjoy higher energy, lower absences and more smiles as a result of this policy. Tribe Inc. only has a dozen employees and they're probably full. However, any company can become one of the best places to work by following their example. 



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