Best Playground Climbing Rope Knots

When putting your children's futures in the hands of a couple of climbing knots, it is best to ensure that they are the best playground climbing rope knots available. The last thing parents want to see is their children falling to the ground as their climbing knot falls apart. Here is a list of knots that will hold together until the climb is over.

  1. The bowline knot. This is one of the most common and easiest knots to tie. It is one of the best knots for playground climbing ropes since it can be made with one hand and can easily be adjusted or untied. The end of the bowline knot is left loose, and needs to be secured with a stopper knot. The last thing someone wants to do is use this as a playground climbing rope knot and have it not secured; the rest would just be history.
  2. The butterfly knot. Playground climbing ropes can use knots in places other than just  the end of the rope. The butterfly knot makes this possible by creating a knot in the middle of the climbing rope. This knot is still secure if the weights on both sides of the rope are heavier than the weight in the middle. This serves as one of the best knots for use with playground climbing ropes.
  3. The stopper knot or double overhand knot. These knots can be used to the secure the ends of other knots, like the bowline knot, so that nothing happens to the person using the rope. This type of knot is one of the best for use with playground climbing ropes.
  4. The overhand knot. This is one of the easiest knots to make, and one of the most common knots as well. This knot is not one of the strongest, but it is an anti-slip knot. It is ideal for small situations where there is not much force being placed on the knot, and makes a great playground climbing rope knot.
  5. The figure eight knot. This type of knot is most commonly used by climbers to secure the rope to the harness, but it can also be used to secure playground climbing ropes to various locations. It is a trusty climbing knot.
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