Best Powered Hang Gliders

The best powered hang gliders can be foot-launched from flat or hilly surfaces, can reach speeds up to 50 mph, and are lightweight and durable enough to travel long distances in mid-air. The powered hang glider, otherwise known as a nanolight or powered harness, may require professional guidance before your first departure, since they can be quite dangerous for an inexperienced glider trying to fly like a bird. The price range for a good powered hang glider could range in the thousands, but it’s well worth it for the ride.

  1. Doodlebug. A Doodlebug is one of the lines of powered harnesses that inspired the Jetbug. This flying machine allows you to sit within the harness similar to a trike. Other features that others enjoy due to convenience are the retractable legs and multiple propellers.
  2. Wasp-SP. This Wasp doesn’t sting. The Wasp-SP, also known as the MK4, focuses on keeping things simple for the pilot. This powered harness option is perfect for those seeking an easy to manage powered glide with refined control systems.
  3. Raven. The Raven may or may not be right for you. This Powerplanes flying machine comes with an instruction manual and an easy step-by-step process to set up and break down. The adjustments allow the Raven to fit to your individual body form. Remember, being comfortable is important for those distant flights.
  4. Zenon. The Zenon Powered HG Harness comes with a folding propeller as described by Skygear, the company behind the brand. A well built glider with all of the latest perks, Zenon is popular among many pilots pilots. Zenon scores high marks on safety and reliability—two words hang gliding pilots like to hear.
  5. Mosquito. Swedish Aerosports, a company owned by Jonas Ahling, is behind Mosquito powered hang gliders. The Mosquito allows you to remain flexible between thermal and throttle use. For instance, if the thermal is not working, just push out at full throttle. Yes, the Moquito may seem somewhat out of date. But even the Pinto has a place in history.  Adventure Airsports is a company who actually considers trade-ins with your old Mosquito.
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