Best Pump Up Songs

The best pump up songs are the ones that get fans and athletes ready for the game. It could be the foot-stomping rhythm or the familiar refrain that everyone likes to sing at the top of their lungs to get themselves going that make pump up songs effective. Whatever it is, these are the best pump up songs for any occasion.

  1. "Bawitdaba" – Kid Rock. What makes this one of the best pump up songs is how it quietly and slowly leads into its assault with a gradual build up of sound. Once Kid Rock kicks in, the song really starts to rock. This was also the song that broke Kid Rock into the level of being a super star in the world of music.
  2. "Iron Man" – Black Sabbath. The first hit song for Black Sabbath is also one of the best pump up songs of all time. It starts right off with the thundering bass drum and the ominous guitar sound. Once guitarist Tony Iommi starts that famous riff and Bill Ward brings in the drums, this song sets off on a sound that will get anyone pumped up.
  3. "Jump Around" – House of Pain. This rap song uses a cyclical beat with a piano and trumpet to get it moving. It never lets up from the moment it starts and the rap laid down by Danny Boy becomes infectious when put against the beat. This song has become the official pump up song of several colleges including the University of North Carolina.
  4. "Bodies" – Drowning Pool. This is probably the most famous song that opens with a whisper that was ever released. The refrain of this song is very familiar to sports fans. It involves a quick count down and then yelling out loud. This song is a metal song so the punishing rhythm never stops and neither does the screaming.
  5. "Lose Yourself" – Eminem. This is the Academy Award winning song written by Eminem from the movie "8 Mile". Eminem opens up the song with a quick pep talk set against a steady beat that helps to get the crowd started. Once Eminem gets into his rap the audience is already in a frenzy.
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