Best Rackets For Squash

If you play squash, you know that it is important to learn about the bests racquets for squash. Your squash racquet is probably the most important piece of equipment you will use in the game. Whether you are just starting out in squash, or if you are a squash pro, at least one of these best squash racquets will suit for squash style. Here are some of the best squash racquets:

  1. Head Xenon 135 YOUTEK Squash Racquet. The Head Xenon 135 is one of the best squash racquets. This squash racquet is built for balance and control. This stiff squash racquet will allow you to connect firmly with the ball and deliver a hard hit. The Head Xenon 135 also has the capacity to absorb impact from the ball for a lighter hit. The "Youtek" is an advanced technology which makes this squash racquet versatile enough for your individual squash style.
  2. Prince EXO Rebel Squash Racquet.  The Prince EXO Rebel squash racket is the best squash racquet for you if you prefer a lightweight squash racquet. This racquet has strong torsion and is easy to swing, which maximizes the accuracy of your hit. This squash racquet features increased stability and spin potential.
  3. Prince Speedport Squash Racquet. This racquet is pre strung and ready to play. the Prince Speedport Black squash racquet is the best squash racquet for you if you need more control in your swing. The Speedport was created through a process which increases the racquet's stability, which gives you greater control of the ball. The Speedport is also powerful and exerts a frictional force up to 24 percent faster that other squash racquets.
  4. Head Neon 130 Squash racquet. The Head Neon squash racquet is the best squash racket for you, whether you are aggressive or conservative, a beginner or experienced. The Neon squash racquet features a special shaft that makes your hit more powerful and increased torsion. The shaft of the Head Neon 130 squash racquet is approximately twelve percent stiffer than the average squash racquet. This best squash racquet is easy to handle and fun to play with.
  5. Wilson One 40 BLX Squash Racquet. The Wilson One squash racquet is the ideal squash racquet for your if you are a more experienced squash player (i.e. intermediate to advanced). The Wilson One 40 BLX squash racquet features special BLX technology to blend comfort together with hitting power and increased stability in your swing. The Wilson One 40 BLX squash racquet is made from basalt and weighs approximately 140 grams.
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