Best Raspy Voice Female Singers 2008

Singers are very unique but the year 2008 brought some of the best raspy voice female singers. In the year 2008 there was a slew of new and old people alike that were coming out with albums and having great amounts of success. A couple of  singers in particular that were doing very well in the year of 2008 and are blessed with pleasant yet unique raspy voices are:

  1. Fantasia. She had her start on the popular stages of American Idol and has been booming in the music industry ever since. She has proven that even though she grew up with some hardships it is possible for her to make it to the top. Her first album, directly after winning the American Idol contest, "I Believe," was at the top spot on the billboard charts and it thoroughly showed off her raspy voice. She was the first American Idol winner to have her first single come out on the very top. This in itself was a huge accomplishment but that was not the end of her. After her first album, she went on to star in the Broadway play, "The Color Purple." Additionally, she was nominated for eight Grammy awards.
  2. Amy Winehouse. This singer even surrounded with controversy and sideways glances was one of the best singers in 2008. Her instantly famous single, "Rehab," is still a hit to this day. Her sound and drama always keep this raspy sounding artist right in the spotlight. Even though her name is constantly in the papers for the controversial, she has made a great name for herself in the music world through her work.

Singers, especially those with different sounding voices will always be a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Even though raspy sounding female singers are far from the norm, there will always be room in the industry for them.



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