Best Raspy Voiced Female Singers

Here is a list of the best raspy voiced female singers. Many listeners enjoy the raspy quality that is known in many female singers in the past and the present. Some of the best raspy voiced singers include:

  1. Janis Joplin: Who can forget the heartbreakingly beautiful song about her love Bobby McGee? The eloquence of Joplin's gentle, yet rough voice was showcased in a way many will never master is absolutely amazing. She was known for her extremely unique voice, and it is something she will always be remembered for.
  2. Stevie Nicks: Not just anyone gets the honor of saying New York holds one of largest Stevie Nicks appreciation concerts, "A Night of 1000 Stevies," but this tradition has been going on for twenty years now. Known for her work in Fleetwood Mac and even more her independent work, the raspy quality found in Stevie's voice cannot be denied. In songs like Gypsy, the raspy quality many love is displayed so well.
  3. Brandi Carlile: Known for her music found on "Grey's Anatomy," Brandi Carlile offers a perfect mix of both raspy and smooth qualities. Brandi has been able to show off her abilities to make multiple, varying pitches and sounds with her voice in songs like "Tragedy" and "The Story". Brandi Carlile is very easy to listen to, but at the same times gives listeners more than topical entertainment.
  4. Karen O: Known as the leading lady of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and for her work on the "Where The Wild Things Are" soundtrack, Karen O has established her vocals as strange, yet exciting. With the variations between all of the songs found on Fever to Tell and the haunting vocals found of the WTWTA soundtrack, it is very hard to ignore the talent in Karen O's vocals.
  5. Alison Mosshart: Lead vocalist for The Kills, Alison Mosshart has an edgy sound. Her voice is a mix between classic punk-rock and gentle undertones. Her music has been featured in the feature film "Children of Men" and in the television show "Gossip Girl," it has hard to deny how the amazing raspy qualities found in Alison's voice have been appreciated by many.
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