Best Replacement Kayak Seats

Looking for the best replacement kayak seats? Replacement seats for your kayak are probably on your mind when the time comes to touch up your kayak, that time being when your current kayak seat is busted, as it usually will end up becoming for any number of reasons: wear, tear or just how many hours your rear end has been logging on the seat while kayaking.

  1. NRS Bandit Seat. This seat is a replacement seat for the NRS Bandit. However, this replacement kayak seat will fit just about any other inflatable kayak. The key in this kayak is a firm backpad that gives the kayaker unmatched back support for all those endless days and nights on the water.
  2. AIRE Inflatable Kayak Cheetah Chair. This kayak replacement seat is a standard seat and provides solid back support thanks to the sturdy backpad. Another perk of this backpad is the extra storage space and leg room you receive between the seats.
  3. NRS Bandit I and II New Seat. This is another replacement kayak seat for the NRS Bandit, but it will also fit fine into other kayaks. It even comes with a big pocket on the back for storage purposes. This Bandit seat can also be used on land. When you are at camp, you may use this as a chair thanks to its removable design.
  4. Seattle Sports EZ Kayak Seat. From Seattle Sports, this replacement seat is a double threat: it adds both comfort to your rear end and a bargain price, no less. Including a silver seat section, this seat ensures that it heats up more slowly yet won't add unnecessary heat by way of sun exposure.
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