Best Richard Gere Movies

If you're looking to impress your girlfriend and are looking for a great chick flick during which to cuddle, you pretty much can't go wrong if you're familiar with the best Richard Gere movies. Born in 1949, Richard Gere seems to be getting better looking as he ages, but he wasn't hard on the eyes even back in the day. To see the best Richard Gere movies, run out and rent the following films.

  1. "American Gigolo" This movie was produced when Richard Gere was a mere thirty-one years old. He plays an expensive male lover who pleases all but one woman. You're sure to get your woman to want to please you if you serve up this movie!
  2. "An Officer and a Gentleman" Made just two years after "American Gigolo," Richard Gere stars as a military dude who gets the chick in this romantic flick. If you want to see if your girl likes a man in a uniform, this is definitely the Richard Gere movie to rent!
  3. "Unfaithful" If your girl likes Richard Gere and a good thriller, this is definitely the movie for the two of you. Centered on a married New York couple who are torn apart by an affair, Richard Gere plays the husband who confronts the lover and deals with the consequences of his actions. This is a great thriller movie which will leave you with a discussion about the very interesting twist at the end.
  4. "Pretty Woman" What chick will not totally swoon at the rich, gorgeous character Richard Gere plays in this movie? Also starring Julia Roberts, this sexy chick flick is an easy watch, if a little predictable.



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