Best Rock Climbing Chalk Bags

Climbing chalk bags are needed to hold chalk and keep it accessible while climbing, so finding the best rock climbing chalk bags is an essential piece of information any true climber is interested in. Its said by any climber that a smaller bag that does not get in the way but just big enough to slip a few fingers in and grab the chalk when needed is the best choice. This allows for convenience and comfort for the climber.  Look at this list of great options and find the one that excites you the most, and grab it for the next thrill climb you decide to try.

  1. Comfort comes First with Arc'teryx : Climbing anything from a few boulders to a dizzy height of solid wall of rock both give a climber a need for comfort.  Try the Arc'teryx C80 Chalk Bag which features a soft-shell nylon material that is sure to give comfort the entire climb. It is also slightly larger to hold a bit more chalk for those long climbs. It features an exterior zipper and pull close top for comfort all around. You can pick one up for $35.00, and even enjoy picking out of an array of color choices.
  2. Convenience is Next with Petzl Koda: Convenience is something every climber wants when their back is against the wall of a 100 ft mountain and they are working on finishing the climb. Having a chalk bag that is convent to use is something every climber will want then, and the Petzl Koda chalk bag is a great choice for this. It features an ergonomic shape to allow easy access, including just one hand or a few fingers to get in and out of it with ease. It also was made out of a soft material that wont dig into your back when your laid flat against the rock and reaching for your next hole. To add even more safety, its got a built in safety whistle in case anything happens and you need help, fast. You can pick this up for $25.00 and enjoy the climb.
  3. Comfort and Convenience with prAna : Having the best of both worlds is always a good idea. The prAna chalk bag with belt is a great choice at only $25.00. It features a soft sueded-nylon material for comfort, with an adjustable belt for convenience of attachment. It also has draw-close top for easy entry and closure, as well as an elastic band to hold cleaning brush. It has so many great aspects, its worth a try for any climber.
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