Best Rock Climbing Websites

What are the best rock climbing websites? From climbing tips to equipment reviews these web resources are invaluable to climbers. They also act as a link for the individual to the expansive climbing world. They offer insight, inspiration, guidance, and perhaps most important of all, community. Check out these rock climbing websites for the best information available online.

  1. "Rock Climbing for Life" is a central hub for background information. The site offers free online training and instructions on basic techniques. It covers gear, climbing styles, and even an 'ask the expert' section. They also link to informative articles and resources for further learning. The address is
  2. "The Ascenders Rock Climbing Guide" is one of the best rock climbing sites if looking for gear. It has in-depth information on equipment, which is really helpful for the novice climber. They also have a tool to link up with other climber enthusiasts at
  3. Check out "ABC of Rock Climbing". This is one of the best websites for climbers because of its access to community. It has an active forum, and even the option of becoming a community member. ABC has everything—articles, news, pictures, and shopping. It is located at
  4. "Bay Area Climbers" is a great rock climbing website. They have articles written by experienced climbers, instructional pieces, and a full list of resources. The address is
  5. One of the best rock climbing websites is the "Southern California Mountaineers Association" at This is not only a site but an organization. Joining grants access to veteran climbers, classes, and workshops. This is the website to learn about climbing events around the country.
  6. Use "Just Climb" for foundational information. This rock climbing website covers equipment, techniques, and general info. It also has articles on essential precautions for mountain climbers. The address is

All climbers should check out the best rock climbing websites. Why? Even the most experienced adventurists can find something new on the community forums. New climbers can find valuable tips and basic training. For all levels, there is access to new gear, events, and inspiration. Keep up with the rock climbing world online.

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