Best Rope Climbing Knots

Here are some of the best rope climbing knots. It is important to remember that all knots are not equal. Some are stronger then others, some are easier to tie, some are easier to untie. Make sure you figure out which are the best knots for you before you get out to your climbing site and start climbing. Practice a few times with a professional and make sure you know what you’re doing before you try it out for real.

  1. Figure-8 Follow-Through. The standard knot, always finished off with a Fisherman’s backup Knot. This is considered and has been proven to be one of the strongest climbing knots out there.
  2. Clove Hitch. An easy know used to tie ropes to anchors, it is easy to adjust and takes up little rope. This is one of the most commonly used knots.
  3. Figure-8-on-a-Bight. A type of loop knot most often used to tie off the rope to the belay anchors. It’s easy to untie and very strong making it one of the best climbing knots.
  4. Double Figure-8 Fisherman’s Knot. For rappelling  this is considered the best and strongest knot when it comes to tying two ropes together.
  5. Prusik Knot. The emergency knot, it’s easy to tie by yourself if you have to go up quickly for an emergency. This is also a good knot is you need to help another climber up while holding onto a vertical rope.
  6. Munter Hitch. This is the knot used to tie in a locking carabineer if you drop your original belay device. It’s used in emergencies during rappels.  
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