Best Rope Climbing Strength Training Techniques

Most of the best rope climbing strength training techniques are geared toward making the climber’s upper body stronger. If you are interested in rope climbing, your overall fitness plays a large part as well, so you must remember to work on your cardio. Perform a workout that includes climbing and strength training techniques at least three times each week, and you should soon see an improvement in your climbing skills.

  1. Work on your shoulders in the gym. A critical rope climbing strength training technique is working your shoulders. You should include at least five sets of weightlifting for your shoulders. Do some overhead dumbbell presses with moderate weight to blast your shoulders and triceps. Perform some front and side raises with lighter dumbbells. Try to do three sets of ten to twelve repetitions during each of the lifts.
  2. Do some barbell curls to increase bicep strength. Perform five different exercises for your biceps. Do a variety of different dumbbell curls to isolate your biceps. Also make sure to do some wrist curls with a barbell, which will help your forearms grow stronger. Do three sets of ten to twelve repetitions during each exercise.
  3. Add some fingertip push-ups to your workout. This exercise is one of the more ideal climbing strength training techniques. The movement works on your finger and hand strength, forearms, chest, shoulders and triceps all at the same time. Try to do ten sets of 20 to 25 fingertip push-ups, or more if you are able.
  4. Do some additional wrist-strengthening exercises. Besides your regular wrist weightlifting exercises, use a wrist-rolling exercise during your workout. Most gyms have a piece of equipment used for rolls, which consists of weights at the end of a rope that is attached to a bar. As you roll the weight up, the movement is a great strength training technique for rope climbing to increase your gripping power.
  5. Climb a short rope. The best strength training techniques for climbing involve using a rope. Use a rope that is ten feet long, and try to climb as fast as you can. Time yourself during each short rope climb. Try to perform at least ten different climbs each time you work out, and the next time you are out rope climbing for an extended period you should see some noticeable improvement.
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