Best Runescape Private Server

Here's the best "Runescape" private servers available, so you can enjoy the wilderness, free trade, and everything that "Runescape" used to be. Ever since the drastic changes made during 2009, private servers have been popping up left and right to capture some of the long lost freedoms of wilderness Pking, and free trade.

Near Reality. Near Reality is a private server that aims to preserve as well as expand on the combat experience of "Runescape". There's no more hassles of walking when a teleport or command will bring you anywhere you please. It has multiple servers, all skills are intact, and the amount of experience you gain is multiplied by 4000, so you can reach the much coveted level 99 in a matter of minutes. Pking and other forms of PVP are available, such as the wilderness, fight pits, and the duel arena.

Silab Garza. There's not much of a difference between Silab Garza and the Near Reality private server, the small difference is that this one doesn't require a web browser to play, although Internet access is still necessary so it's an extremely arbitrary difference. Experience is gained incredibly quickly, so grinding can easily be kept to a minimum. And best of all, the Pking and PVP are kept identical to "Runescape" in its golden days.

PwnXile. This private server doesn't boast the large player community as the former two, but it's still growing and shows plenty of potential. It's virtually identical to Near Reality, but from personal experience, the community here is much friendlier. All PVP aspects are kept perfectly, and there's a special bonus for players who log in on weekends.

Soulsplit. This private server only has a bit over 500 players, but unlike the other two, Soulsplit has functional dungeoneering and summoning skills. So that's definitely something to look into for those interested in seeing how modern "Runescape" would fare while retaining classic PVP.

CorruptionX. This is one for those who seek only the thrill of PVP. This server has no other skills, and although there's also a noticeable lack of wilderness, there's the fight pits which is perfectly identical.

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