Best Running Shoes For Men

The best running shoes for men all have features that accentuate comfort, safety, support  and running efficiency.  Whether a novice or seasoned runner, the purchase of running shoes should not be based on style or price. Styles change every year and bargain hunting for running shoes can lead to problems with improper construction and lack of support for your foot type and running style.

There are six manufacturers that consistently produce the best running shoes for men. They are Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Saucony and Mizuno. Their best shoes sell for over a 100 dollars a pair, but they produce very good running shoes that are in the 60 to 100 dollar range. All make shoes that fit different foot types.

Men's running shoes are built to cover every running style and foot type. The main categories are  cushioned, stability, and motion control shoes. You should choose cushioned shoes if you are a runner who needs maximum mid-sole and heel cushioning and minimum arch support. You should opt for stability shoes if you are a runner in need of arch support and mid-sole cushioning.  Motion-control shoes will give you maximum rear-foot control and extra support in the arch. Motion-control shoes are also better for the heavy runner who needs plenty of support and durability.

The best place to buy running shoes is at a retail store that specializes in them. The main advantage to this is that you are able to try on shoes and know immediately if they are the proper fit.  Many department and sporting goods stores carry a selection of running shoes, but you will have a greater selection of shoes and be able to receive expert advice if you buy from a specialty store. 

Another option is buying online. Online running shoe retailers generally have competitive prices but you should only buy online if you know the exact type and size of running shoe best for you because ordering the correct size is problematic. Many running shoe sizes do not run true to size. They usually run smaller than the designated size and some manufacturers will recommend sizing up from your normal shoe size by half a size. If there is no recommendation, you should size up anyway by half a size since your feet will expand considerably while running.

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