Best Running Shoes For Overpronation

If you are an overpronator, you should learn about the best running shoes for overpronation. Pronation occurs naturally when your foot strikes the ground. Pronation is the slight inward movement of the inside of the foot. If you move you foot inward too much, it is called overpronation. Overpronation will not only slow you down, but it can make you susceptible to many running injuries such as shin splints, runner's knee and back pain. If you are an overpronator, it is extremely important that you run in the best running shoes. Finding the best running shoes for overpronation depends on how much you overpronate.

If you are a server overpronator, or you are a bigger runner (over 160 pounds for a man); you will need a running shoe that has severe motion control. The Mizuno Renegade 4 is the best running shoe for your overpronation if control is what you need. The Renegade offers maximum motion control and weighs 13.4 ounces. The Renegade is not a "lightweight" running shoe, but some pronation control shoes weigh up to two pounds. The Renegade reduces shock absorption and provides you with a full length foot control from heel to toe. The toe box tends to run wider. 

If you are a moderate overpronator, the best running shoe for you will be a balance between stability and cushioning. Adidas makes a balanced running shoe with moderate pronation control called the Supernova Sequence. The Supernova Sequence is a medium to wide running shoe that is best known for "adapting" to your foot strike. This best running shoe for overpronation is cushioned in the right places, like the heel, but doesn't add excess weight. The Sequence is suitable for the trail and the road alike.

If you are a mild overpronator, the best running shoe for your overpronation will be a lighter shoe with stability. One best running shoe for the mild overpronator is the Mizuno Wave Nexus 4.0. The Nexus 4.0 offers mild to moderate pronation control. The Mizuno Nexus only weighs eleven ounces and feels lightweight like a racer, but you can also use it for daily training.

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