Best Running Trails In Roswell, Georgia

Finding the best running trails in Roswell, Georgia, can sometimes seem like a difficult feat to accomplish if you don’t know where to look beforehand. From the Vickery Creek Trail to the Riverside Trail, there are many excellent running trails to be found in the beautiful city of Roswell, Georgia.

  1. Oxbo Trail. The Oxbo Trail, located on Oxbo road, is perfect for those who want a quick run. The trail is approximately 1.9 miles in length and is full of nature's untouched beauty. This particular trail doesn’t loop around, so you’ll have to head back out the same way you entered.
  2. Vickery Creek Trail. Another one of the best running trails in Roswell, Georgia is the Vickery Creek Trail. Throughout this run you’ll pass the Roswell mill, a spinning room, crystal clear creeks and an old cemetery. This trail is perfect for the runner who likes to take a few breaks every now and again to explore.
  3. Vickery Creek Trail Complex. The gorgeous Vickery Creek Trail Complex is located along the Chattahoochee River in Roswell, Georgia. Similar to the Vickery Creek Trail, this particular running trail heads in the opposite direction. While this running trail is a lot tougher to run, it’s still an excellent trail for healthy, professional and fit runners to undertake.
  4. Riverside Trail. Located in Riverside Park, the Riverside Trail is another one of the best running trails located in Roswell, Georgia. The trail is approximately six miles in length and is mostly covered with asphalt. You’re going to want to run in durable and lightweight shoes as the asphalt can weigh pretty heavy on the knees.
  5. Gold Branch Trail. While the Gold Branch Trail is predominantly a hiking trail, experienced and seasoned runners have been known to frequently use it as a running trail. This trail will take you through a forest, over streams and up steep hills. The Gold Branch Trail is one of the best running trails in Roswell, Georgia as it’s full of gorgeous scenery and wildlife.
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