Best Scorpions Ballads

The best Scorpions ballads are those songs, primarily from the time-specific era of the 1980's and early 1990's, that just transport you to another time, both mentally and emotionally. They are heavy metal and hard rock ballads that make your toes just curl up in pure pleasure at the sound of German guys singing in noticeably accented English while trying to rock you as hard as they possibly could.

  1. "Still Loving You." "Still Loving You" is the best Scorpions ballad, but it is sometimes overlooked because it appears on the same album, Love at First Sting, which features the Scorpions' most well-known song, "Rock You Like A Hurricane."  "Still Loving You" is about more than a mere love affair and lovers trying to give it another go; such mundane references would be too predictable. Instead, the metaphor to the, at the time, division of Germany into East and West is actually the predominant theme in this Scorpion ballad.
  2. "Send Me An Angel." Taking the second spot on this Scorpions ballads countdown is "Send Me An Angel" from the Scorpions' 1990 album, Crazy World. This power ballad is considered one of the signature tracks from the aforementioned Scorpions album. With fluid and ambitious guitar work and parts by lead guitarist Rudolf Schenker and impassioned vocals by Klaus Meine, "Send Me An Angel" is a song that many couples likely made passionate, intimate and premarital love to while sitting in the backseat of their automobile.
  3. "Wind Of Change." The last Scorpions ballad on this countdown is notable because it is a perfect showcase for lead singer Klaus Meine's well-known, countertenor voice and high-note, vocal delivery. This song also has the bragging rights to claim being a worldwide, power ballad hit, on account of it charting very highly across Europe in 1991 and also hitting number four in the US during the same time frame.
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