Best Scuba Diving Full Face Helmets

When venturing into the world of scuba diving it's essential to have the right gear. Even trained divers can experience an emergency situation if they have faulty equipment. For beginners it's recommended divers wear full face masks for optimal diving and protection from the elements. When choosing a full face diving helmet look for fit, comfort, function and safety features. Prices vary greatly, so there is a full face diving mask priced for you.

  1. Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. This full face scuba is outfitted with a communication device so divers and the boat or other divers can communicate. This increases the level of safety and aids in the completion of a project. The integrated surface air valves eliminate wasted air on the surface. It uses top grade silicone rubber to ensure a good skirt fit. It also houses a 3-D equalizer for better ear clearing. Priced just under $1,000. 
  2. Scubapro Full Face Mask. The Scubapro mask is perfect for divers working in cold or contaminated water or in caves and other isolated surroundings. This is a good mask for training divers as well. This masks includes communications devices for easy, safe communication when diving. List price around $550.
  3. Cressi Full Face Rubber Mask. Cressi makes an affordable rubber full face mask that is perfect for those who deal with jaw fatigue or cold water. It has a three point adjustable strap for optimal fit. It's easy to use regulator port will work with more regulators. List price around $120.
  4. OTS Full Face Mask. OTS has been in the industry for over 60 years and has identified the problem with most full face masks as a faulty seal. This mask was designed to have an optimal seal and still allow divers to hear while under water. An equalizing kit comes with the mask to ensure you can adjust as needed for the best hearing and safety. Priced just under $800.
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