Best Sex Advice

If you’re feeling the animal instinct pumping through your veins, check out our list of best sex advice below to make the most of your sexual encounters. Whether it will be your first experience or you’re just adding new tips to the book, the advice here can benefit any sexual being. You’re bound to find yourself seeking to enhance sexual performance. Find out which method will work best for you.

  1. Learn to control premature ejaculation and sex-related anxiety. This piece of advice is equally relevant for first-timers as it may be for sexual veterans who continue to show these issues over an extended period of time. Whether or not you are ashamed of it, premature ejaculation and anxiety during sex are very common, but can become a psychological handicap. If you want to win the battle, first learn to relax; don’t push yourself. Share your steamy session with someone you trust so that you feel comfortable sharing your anxieties and practicing with her step-by-step. Have patience and build confidence in yourself by remembering not to set unrealistic expectations of your performance. Don’t worry so much and remember that sex should be fun.
  2. Use sexual enhancement products. If sexual dysfunction concerns you, then it might be worth considering these helpful devices. Feeling confident about yourself in bed and enjoying a full sexual experience works wonders in all areas of your life, so don’t hesitate to accept external assistance. There is a wide array of sex inventions such as enhancement pumps and creams. The good news is that these products are affordable for everyone. For more sophisticated help, choose the more expensive versions. Remember to get your doctor’s advice on whether you can use these products without side effects.
  3. Include natural elixirs in your diet. Use a blender to prepare a special concoction of papaya, orange, pineapple and strawberry every morning to have with your breakfast or you can also try tomato juice. Scientific research shows that the taste of semen is more agreeable when it has a higher percentage of proteins. Prepare your bodily system following this advice for at least one month and your lady will be more willing to participate in oral sex.
  4. Train your body. Continuous sexual practice can tire anyone in no time if you have a low fitness level. By the time you reach your thirties, energy no longer abounds so try to set an exercise regimen. The more often you invest in cardiovascular activity and weight training, the better shape you’ll be in so you’ll have the strength and endurance to satisfy your partner all night long. Try to avoid sexual activity on your gym days and remember to plan in rest periods appropriately.
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