Best Sex Positions: Foreplay

Here's a list of some of the best sex positions, foreplay and otherwise. Many men don't take foreplay serious enough. Foreplay is your friend. The smart lover knows that foreplay doesn't end, it goes on throughout your sexual experience. Foreplay allows you the very great opportunity to learn your partner. You're given the chance to find out what she likes and what you should stay away from. There's a number of sex positions for foreplay that can help you explore while simultaneously getting her hot, here's a few.

  1. Cowgirl. One of the best sex positions for foreplay has to be the cowgirl position and variations of it. Why is it one of the best sex positions? Simply put, you can reach every sensitive spot on her body. Especially if your sitting up with her facing you in your lap. You have access to her back, her neck, her breasts and her thighs. Her body is a veritable playground in this sex position. Nothing is off limits in this position, making it a hot sex position for foreplay.
  2. Reverse cowgirl. This sex position has the same effect as the cowgirl position. Variations of it keep you in constant or near constant contact with your lady. This position can create some very erotic exploration opportunities. Once again, you'll have access to some very major erogenous zones throughout your partner's body.
  3. Doggystyle. Only the truly disciplined need to try this particular sex position for foreplay purposes. Nothings more tempting then having your lady's butt in the air waiting for you to mount it. This is a wild ride that only your creativity can take you on. So, get creative. Sex is supposed to be fun!
  4. 69. Nothing wrong with old faithful. The only drawback with this position is the limited area with which you can explore. The upside, however, is the particular area that you're exploring. This is a limited yet very effectively erotic position to tackle. The whole time this is going on she'll be exploring your  nether regions which will make it even hotter.
  5. Spooning. With her body pressed against you and your legs intertwined, it's all up to your stimulation of her neck and frontal erogenous areas such as her breasts and stomach. Not to mention, the freaky stuff you can whisper in her hear. As always, your creativity will determine how much she enjoys the encounter.
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