Best Sex Songs

It's always great to have a playlist of the best sex songs handy when you want to get busy. You want music with sexy lyrics and a smooth sound to set the mood for you and your girl. If you are looking for something new to play while you are having fun between the sheets, check out our list of the best sex songs:

  1. "Tell Me Something Good" –Chaka Khan/Rufus The funky base and Chaka Khan's purring vocals make this an excellent sex song. Plus, it's always nice to have a couple classics in the mix.
  2. "Sexual Healing" -Marvin Gaye It's a classic for a reason. The name "Marvin Gaye" is practically synonymous with the best sex songs.
  3. "Lights On" -The Pierces Feeling a little kinky? This irreverent sex song includes some sly references to things like cross-dressing and role reversal. It would definitely make an unusual addition to your playlist.
  4. "Wishing Well" -Terrence Trent D'Arby Is your girl an 80s music fan? Throw this song for sex into your playlist to please her.
  5. "4 Minute" -Madonna/Justin Timberlake Having something fun and upbeat in the mix is a good idea, too. This high tempo sex song can help you change the rhythm a bit.
  6. "Do Bad Things with You" -Jace Everett You may recognize this sex song as the theme from the vampire show "True Blood." Jace Everett's sultry voice pairs perfectly with the slide guitar and naughty lyrics to make this a sex song that should be in your collection.
  7. "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" -Red Hot Chili Peppers The Chili Peppers have a ton of great sex songs, but this one is one of their best. In fact, the entire album that gets its name from this tune is great for when you are getting it on.
  8. "Human Nature" -Madonna It has a great groove and sexy, defiant lyrics. The latex and bondage imagery of the video don't hurt, either.
  9. "Slow Like Honey" -Fiona Apple The cool jazz piano and the lyrics describing a leisurely seduction make this a great sex song. It's nice and slow for when you want to take your time.
  10. "Shoop" -Salt n Pepa This is another up tempo sex song for when you want to change things up a bit. Throw this great 80s song into your playlist for the next time you plan to get busy.

-Lara Stewart

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