Best Sexiest Women

Ever wonder who the best sexiest women are? Well you are defiantly not alone. Below is a list of the ten sexiest women with the best features.

  1. Olivia Thirlby-  Olivia is relatively unknown but is an up-and-coming movie actress who has appeared in "Juno" and starred in "The Wackness." She is New York-born, and although she has strong New York looks, she definitely knows how to pull it off. With an innocent smile, she is one of the best sexy women in America.
  2. Sienna Miller- This tall sexy blonde has one of the best set of legs around. With her legs and deep blue eyes there isn't much question why Sienna Miller is one of the ten best sexy women.
  3. Megan Fox- It is common knowledge among men that Megan Fox is gorgeous, but they don't ever think of why. It is just one of those things: the grass is green, the sky is blue, Megan Fox is sexy. Well let us remind you why—aside from her long brunette hair, amazing facial features, and legs that don't seem to end, she is the perfect girl.
  4. Jessica Alba- Alba is known for her many films and she is easily one of the best sexy women. Between her beautiful brown eyes and her sweet innocence, she just can't help but capture the attention of all men.
  5. Kristin Stewart- We may love the innocence in the previous sexy women, but it's the lack of that virtue in Kristin Stewart that makes us love her. Kristin does not look innocent at all; as a matter of fact, she actually looks pretty bad ass. She is dark and mysterious, and that is why she is one of the best sexy women.
  6. Hilary Duff- Hilary is a former Disney star and current pop icon who had many men counting down to her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately for them soon after she turned eighteen, she got engaged. But us men will continue to stare at her pretty face and blonde hair, admiring her all American girl looks.
  7. Jessica Biel- With a belly as tight as Biel's, how is she not one of the best sexy women? Biel, like Stewart, has a reputation for being not-so-innocent. In one movie in particular she appeared topless and every man on Earth had a nice look at her.
  8. Adriana Lima- Lima is a gorgeous model who poses for Victoria's Secret, and lets be real, every man dreams of getting with a Victoria's Secret model. Lima just has an amazing body all around, making her one of the ten best sexy women.
  9. Hayden Panettiere- Hayden is the latest breakthroughs in the media. She is quickly becoming America's new sex icon and for a great reason. Just looking at her skin you can tell how soft it is, and her eyes seem to twinkle whenever you catch a glimpse of them.
  10. Avril Lavigne- This gothic princess has a unique look that catapults her onto this list of the ten best sexy women. Between her emo style and her innocent look, this petite princess is just amazing.

So there they are. For their own reasons they are all sexy in a different way. No doubt they are all deserving to be considered the best sexy woman.



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