Best Sexting Lines Prior To One Night Stand

Get that flirt on by delivering the best sexting lines prior to a one night stand. Sexting, otherwise known as sexual texting, is a form of communication between two people at any given flirtatious moment. But when gearing up for a one night stand, what sexting messages should be sent to the other party? Below are some real keepers as far as sexting one-liners go. Be prepared for a minute of texting magic to get the juices flowing before that once-in-a-lifetime event. Men and women are different. Therefore, we offer the best of both sexting worlds.

  1. Male to female, subtle one night preps. Sexting messages to send in anticipation of one night stands include quick looking-forward-to-it texts such as, "Tonight, you'll shine brighter than the stars," "For you, tonight, I'm yours," "I want to keep you satisfied, fully," "Allow me to caress you all night," or "Your beauty overwhelms me."
  2. Male to female, hot one night preps. The hottest sexting messages can really turn up the heat. Some examples include, "I want to be your lollipop," "Let me show you what a man can do for a goddess like you," and "Let's get down tonight, I want to taste your sweet nectar."
  3. Female to male, subtle one night preps. As mentioned above, a female should send a male something different on the level of heat. Subtle sexting options include "Baby, tonight will be magical," "Expect to be pleased tonight," or "Tonight, you are king."
  4. Female to male, hot one night preps. Hot sexting options for women to send to men include, "Oh baby, let me rub you all over," "I want to play with your joy stick," "If you lick every inch, I'll return the favor," "Sweet man, let me show you what a woman can do," "Can't wait to feel you under me," "I want to scream your name tonight," and the less-than-heated text, "Allow me to make breakfast in the morning."
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