Best Sexual Addiction Counseling In Nyc

Looking to find the best sexual addiction counseling in NYC? Sexual addiction is the most personalized addiction because it deeply affects people who are suffering with it and their partners. Sex addicts have compulsions and often find themselves in situations he regrets and feels guilt over. The mental health disorder can ruin families and cause pain. Loved one's may feel like there is something wrong with them or they are unattractive. It is important that sex addicts in NYC get help and find the best sexual addiction counseling.

  1. Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)  is a national organization that has meetings in NYC. At meetings sex addicts talk freely about their feelings, concerns and problems and give each other hope and encouragement. SCA's primary mission is to cure sexual addiction and to express their sexuality in appropriate ways. This organization offers a spiritual environment rather than group therapy and sexual sobriety is encouraged.
  2. Sexual and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA),  The Greater New York Intergroup offers a twelve step solution to sex addiction. The organization modeled its approach after Alcoholics Anonymous which is a successful alcohol addiction recovery organization. SLAA users five resources to deal with addiction: sobriety, meetings, steps, service and spirituality.
  3. Sex Addicts Anonymous offers several meetings in the NYC vicinity. This program uses a twelve step approach based on Alcoholics Anonymous. The organization offers special events such as retreats and outings to participants and works towards cohesive support from each member.
  4. COSA also referred  Manhatten Love Group is another group offering a twelve step approach. This organization differs offers weekly meetings in person and online. COSA's purpose is to give hope to its members and help them find ways to cope.

These organizations are the best sexual addiction counseling centers in NYC. Anyone struggling with sex addiction should find help for this painful disorder. It is important to find appropriate ways to express sexuality.

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