Best Shoes For Flat Feet

You may have had flat feet your whole life, or maybe you started with arches and they fell; whatever the cause, the symptoms are the same and you'll need to know what are the best shoes for flat feet. You may experience swelling of your feet, or pain in the heel or arch. These symptoms may not be life threatening, but they can definitely be annoying and there’s no reason you have to live with them. Simply wearing the right shoes can pretty much eliminate them.  That being said, here are the three best shoes for flat feet.

  1. Men's New Balance 1226 High Stability. This shoe has a multitude of great features to help you make your flat feet more comfortable. It has three different types of cushioning which protect the foot, and especially the heel, from impact. It also has dual type foam that acts as added cushion while providing support to your whole foot. Its Stabilicore feature allows you to move from toe to heel and vice versa as smoothly as possible, which relieves pressure from the mid foot and your missing arch. Finally, three features that are designed to support the mid-foot; N-Lock Midfoot Support, Stability Web, and Sure Lace; are built into this shoe. With all these great features it’s not really a challenge to see why this is one of the best shoes for flat feet.
  2. Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoe. If you’re looking for a simple shoe that goes with most casual wear, but also provides all day comfort, this shoe is it. Not only does it have special mid-foot cushioning and stability, it has motion control gear that provides ultimate support for the flat footed. Current Addiction Walker addicts have reported disappearance of both foot and lower back pain, even when walking or standing for extended periods of time. The best part is 20 percent of the wearers have severely flat feet and have reported 100 percent improvement. There’s no arguing that these are a winning pair of shoes for flat feet.
  3. Drew Men’s Shoe, Worthington. When it comes to flat feet, there are sneakers galore. Casual and dress shoes are where many men have issues. Apparently combining style and comfort isn’t a popular notion. Fortunately, Drew has changed that with their popular and ultra comfortable Oxfords. This shoe is made for casual wear, but is stylish enough to be easily used as a dress shoe for semi-formal events. More importantly, the Worthington has added depth, and two separate insoles which can be taken out dependent on how much support is desired. Unlike normal Oxfords, the Worthington is specially constructed to be flexible and has added cushioning. With this shoe available, there’s no need to look any further in your search for the best casual shoe for flat feet.
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