Best Shoes For Nurses

Looking for the best shoes for nurses? When it comes to buying nursing shoes, what matters most is your comfort in the shoes. Nurses are on their feet all day long, so it is vital that you purchase a pair of shoes that conform well to your foot. Nothing is worse than having sore feet after a long day at work. Many nurses also like to wear padded socks because of the additional comfort that they provide. If you are unsure and don't know where to start when looking for nursing shoes, many people regard Nurse Mates and Dansko as the best shoes for nurses.

  1. Depending on where you work, your only choice may be to purchase white shoes or clogs. Nurse Mates makes slip on shoes, sneakers, and clogs in white. Nurse Mates are often regarded as the best shoes for nurses because they are light weight, slip resistant, and feature dual density foot beds. Nurse Mates are known to be breathable shoes, which is important because it is likely that your feet will sweat throughout the day if you are a nurse. Nurse Mates even makes socks that are specifically designed for nurses.
  2. Dansko has been making shoes for professional working people since 1990. Dansko makes shoes and clogs in many different colors, including white. Dansko is considered to be a best shoes for nurses manufacturer because their shoes and clogs are known for providing maximum comfort. Dansko slip on shoes are great for nurses because they typically feature contoured foot beds, which is great for those that need arch support

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