Best Shoes For Parkour

If you are looking for the best shoes for Parkour there are a few things to keep in mind. It is not necessary to spend big bucks on shoes marketed directly towards Parkour fanatics. While it is important to use the right equipment for whatever sport you are participating in, knowing the particular attributes a Parkour shoe should possess will give you a better guide to finding a pair that works for you, and for your budget. Parkour is an intense sport with specific footwear needs. It requires a power, agility and balance. Wear shoes that enhance your performance, not hinder it. 

Grip. Look for a shoe with a single tread on the bottom. Softer soles will have more grip than a hard sole. Parkour shoes need to provide stickiness that can give you an edge on climbing. Another thing to look for is if the sole wraps up around the tip of your toe and around the sides. The more surface the better; wide shoes give you more support and grip than a narrow shoe.

Support. A Parkour shoe should absorb some of the impact from jumps. It is best if the cushioning does not completely mask the force of your drops. Low shoes ultimately provide more support than a high soled shoe. Steer clear of lifts and shocks; the extra height could cause you to roll your ankle. The best shoe should fit perfectly, without any excess room inside the toe area.

Material. Aside from the soft rubber bottom, the best Parkour shoe is made of heavy material like canvas. Lightweight, nylon running shoes cannot withstand the intense use a Parkour shoe receive. You will also want to stay away from plastic arches. These appear to provide comfort, but can cause you to slip when climbing.  

Three of the best shoes for Parkour:


  1. Dunlop Volleys. Inexpensive and thin, these shoes have a very soft, grippy sole. Great for Parkour, although they will wear out quickly if you are training hard.
  2. Nike Darts. Great shoes, although the soles are a bit thick.
  3. Merrell Waterpros. Pricey shoes, but they fulfill all the requirement of a good Parkour shoe. Their quality construction lasts considerably longer than other Parkour shoes. 
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