Best Singlets For Wrestling

The best singlets for wrestling come in all different shapes and sizes. Its important when wrestling to have a singlet that works well with your body. Oftentimes, a fussy wrestling singlet can serve as a distraction during a match.

  1. Adidas T8 Singlet. This singlet is exceptional for wrestling. It is made up of 100 percent Toughtex Lycra, which maintains form and fits well. Another great feature about this singlet is its high cut quad length which is considered to be the "goldy locks" zone for length on the quad. The leg is hemmed with gripper elastic so it won't slide during a match.
  2. Cliff Keen Collegiate Singlet. This singlet is advanced in its technology. It has the MXS (Moisture Exchange System), which wicks away sweat and any moisture during a match from the inside of the garment to the outside. It also boasts Compression Gear in its fabric. This has been known to increase the force and power whilst reducing muscle fatigue. It is made up of 80 percent Nylon and 20 percent Lycra.
  3. Brute Rogue AVT Singlet. This wrestling singlet matches high performance needs with functionality. It has Antimicrobial fabric that reduces the buildup of bacteria. It also has built in ventilation which regulates body temperature and keeps wrestlers cooler during matches. The pattern devised with this singlet also provides an excellent fit that can move in any direction equal amounts.
  4. ASICS Reversible Modified Singlet. The fabric on this wrestling singlet consists of Nylon and Lycra weave. The reversible feature with this singlet allows for versatility in colors; an excellent feature for the budget-minded wrestler. The tunneled elastic band on the opening of the legs showcases this singlet's ability to offer high performance without constriction.
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