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Looking for the best sinkers surf? The best sinkers for surf fishing are usually made of lead, weighing from 2 to 6 ounces, and are used for their ability to anchor a baited hook in the sand under the surf.  They are also used to increase casting distance. Sinkers come in many shapes and sizes and are adaptable to all surf conditions, but the best sinkers for surf fishing are the pyramid sinker, claw sinker and spider sinker.

  1. Pyramid sinkers are the most popular and widely used sinkers for fairly soft bottoms under normal surf conditions.  They are shaped like an inverted pyramid and are favored for their ability to dig into the sand and remain anchored when the surf current is moderate. They cast well when properly matched to the size of the line.
  2. Claw sinkers are used on hard bottomed areas where other sinkers tend to tumble in a moderate current.  These flat, delta-shaped, lead sinkers have hollow centers for maximum surface area. They have corner claws that dig into the bottom to avoid tumbling and come in sizes up to eight ounces. They are not as aerodynamic as pyramid sinkers and don't cast as far.
  3. Spider sinkers are often used in heavy surf with strong currents  A spider sinker is made of lead and has four, heavy, pliable wire legs that protrude from its sides much like spider legs and can be bent to any position.  These sinkers, which can weigh up to eight ounces,  grab the bottom and hold steady on sandy bottoms. The disadvantages to spider sinkers are they do not cast as well as a pyramid sinker and they take up a lot of room in a toolbox because of their "legs."
  4. Average conditions. The best sinkers for surf fishing usually weigh four ounces under average conditions. They work best with eight to twelve foot surf rods using twelve to thirty pounds test monofilament or braided lines.

Resources: Introduction to Surf Fishing

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