Best Skateboard Skid Plates

The best skateboard skid plates give off a noticeable set of sparks when secured in place on your skateboard and dragged on the ground. Skateboard skid plates have no serious purpose other than for pure fun, and maybe freaking people out a bit. Read on to learn about some of the best skid plates available for skateboards today.

  1. Tail Devil Skid Plates. Tail Devil Skid Plates are skid plates that, when stuck to your skateboard, will cause a series of sparks to fly from your board. The magnitude of the sparks will depend on a few factors, including the strength of force applied during skateboarding, the quality of the street on which you are dragging your skid plate and the length of time you spend dragging your skid plate on your skateboard.
  2. The Outlook Tail Skid Plate. This skateboard skid plate is made to fit on the tail of your skateboard deck. This type of skateboard skid plate is designed to fit on new-school-type skateboard decks. Again, like with all skid plates, use it in good fun with your friends during late night beer runs, or for any kind of good-natured tomfoolery that will be prolonged by the addition of skateboard sparks.
  3. Maxi-Lite 360 Skateboard Skid Plate (vintage). This skateboard skid plate will appeal to the collectors and those skateboarders who are fans of vintage, '80s-style skateboard fashions. Splash this finishing touch on your '80s vintage skateboard (or a modern one, it is your choice) and watch the sparks fly from underneath your skateboard as this skid plate causes friction with the street as it drags from your skateboard deck. Stand around and admire the coolness of the flying sparks!
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