Best Skateboard Slip Tape

The best skateboard slip tape is tape, sometimes also called grip tape, that protects the graphics on your skateboard. In addition, skateboard slip tape also strengthens the board and provides the type of big air that enthusiasts will love. It also will help to save your skateboard deck in case of hard impacts and other extreme force applied to your skateboard.

  1. Sliptape Clear Graphics Protector. The Sliptape clear graphics protector is a protectant that is made to keep the sweet designs and graphics on your board around longer than they would be without slip tape. While not designed to save your skateboard from mere scratches, this slip tape will keep said graphics clean and new-looking for a little while longer. This slip tape is also a bit thicker than most, which only adds layers of protection to your board.
  2. Yatz Slip Tape. This slip tape is applied to your skateboard's bottom in order to make it stronger, able to slide on both curbs and rails with more ease and to keep pressure cracks and wheel bites at bay. A good recommendation for this slip tape is to pair it with Yatz's spray wax to ensure long-lasting and continued sliding. The whole point of this slip tape is that it enhances the life of your skateboard and also its performance.
  3. Black Standard Anti Slip Grip Tape. This skateboard slip tape possesses a self-adhesive plastic base and is coated with aluminum oxide that is rated diamond hard. You can also get this tape in an ultra-high specification silicon carbide that is aerated for extra performance.
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