Best Skateboarding Patches

The best skateboarding patches are those that scream attitude and those that also personalize your skateboard with a logo or symbol that reflects some aspect of your personality. Or… maybe… you put them on your skateboard because you just thought the patch looked cool. Either way, skateboarding patches come in a variety of designs and are made by quite a few companies these days.

  1. Powell Ripper Patch. Feel the power of Death himself glaring at you and everyone else while you perform wild acrobatics and zany tricks on your skateboard. Nothing can be more empowering. In this skateboarding patch, a skeleton is trying to claw its way out of the fabric to be with you.
  2. Black Label Vertigo Patch. Dizzy up the competition and every onlooker who wants to admire your skateboard with this skateboarding patch by Vertigo. Sporting the time-honored symbol of a bulls eye, this patch may just hypnotize you if you look at it too long.
  3. Bones Cross Patch. A new take on the old skull and crossbones symbols of pirates, you can just call this Bones skateboarding patch the Bones and Crossbones Patch. Featuring the Bones logo placed on crimson red and crossed by two long bones, you can tell everybody who watches you skate that you mean business.
  4. Spitfire Med Fireball Patch. This skateboarding patch from Spitfire features a devilish-grinning flame looking straight ahead with slanted eyebrows. A sharp and fiery look that will accent any skateboard nicely, this patch will help you burn up your fellow skaters as you pull your crazy tricks on your board.



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