Best Ski Resorts In Austria

What are the best ski resorts in Austria? All skiers know that the ski resorts in Austria are the best of the best. So, out of that group of elite Austrian ski resorts, how do you choose the best? It's not an easy decision my any means. It's like trying to pick a specific piece of candy out of a bag full of delicious, sugary sweets. You can't go wrong by choosing any ski resort in Austria. But, unless you're some mega millionaire, you can't possibly afford to trek through every ski resort in Austria. If you're willing to fly half way around the world to ski, then these five Austrian ski resorts are definitely worth your time.

  1. St. Anton. This particular Austrian ski resort is billed as one of the top ski resorts for expert skiers. Well, if you're flying around the world to hit slopes, you'd better be pretty good right? Thirty percent of their slopes are for the expert snow jocks. Well, St. Anton has good snow conditions from December until April. It also boasts a very traditional village like feel. But, you won't be living in some rundown, snowcapped hut. The village is designed to attract the international crowd.
  2. Schladming. This resort caters to the folks that want to experience the whole "Austrian skiing" thing without having to worry about killing themselves on the slopes. The difficulty for most runs is well suited for beginners and intermediate slope artists. The town center, which is located on the edge of the resort, is a busy commercial center. So, if there are days when you just don't feel like falling down the mountain, you can check out the sights. You may just run into some hot snow bunny.
  3. Mayrhofen & Ziller Valley. This Austrian ski paradise is extremely huge. It's inviting for skiers of all levels. There are two huge mountains where all the skiing takes place. Just like St. Anton, this resort mixes the old school traditional village feel with the new age accommodations that all travelers would look for. It also offers varying types of "ski sports", including some stuff you couldn't find in the United States ski resorts. Have you ever heard of paraglide skiing? Well, they have it here.
  4. Igls. This resort is for the skier looking for a more private skiing experience. This resort banks on the fact that it's a smaller more intimate experience for travelers. Smaller doesn't mean any less worthy however. Igls has an Olympic downhill course. It's location also makes getting to the slopes relatively easier than other places. If you have to jump in a cable car to get to the snow, might as well make the journey as easy as possible.
  5. Obergurgl. It may be hard to pronounce, but it's definitely a resort you should consider. Why? It's located in the highest parish of Austria, meaning the snow season lasts longer at this place. Try mid-November to May. Snow in May? Awesome. The village is said to have a great traditional night life, which is always good. Oh, and the ski lift that takes you to the mountain starts in the center of town.
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