Best Ski Tuning Equipment

The best ski tuning equipment kits are compact and convenient. Having exactly what you need, when you need it is essential to enjoy a full day of skiing. Most tuning equipment kits are priced from $30 to $130. The inexpensive tuning equipment kits usually do not contain a wax iron.

  1. Raceway Ski Tuning Kit. This small kit includes an edge bevel to 88/90 side edge angles, and a 40 gram bar of All Temperature wax. Raceway also offers a similar kit that includes a temperature adjustable wax iron that is just as portable at the kit. 
  2. One Ball Jay World Domination Ski Tuning Kit. Everything you could possibly need or want in a pinch is in this kit. It has complete instructions for using the wax iron, two types of waxes, a ceramic stone, and P-Tex Candles. You will have your skis in perfect condition with the Jay World tuning equipment.
  3. World Ski Tuning Kit. Waxing and buffing are easily performed with the large five inch wax scraper, edge stone, and a nonabrasive Fibertex buffing pad that are included in this kit. The wax iron has a 5.5 inch X 4.5 inch base plate allowing you to wax a large area at one time.   
  4. DAKINE Quick Tune Tuning Kit. Adding wax is easy with the All Temperature wax provided in the DAKINE tuning kit. Rub it on at the mountain, or apply it with an iron for better penetration. Binding adjustments are also easy to perform with the torque driver and five bits. All of the basics are offered in this kit, and it is very affordable with a retail price of about $35. This kit does not include a wax iron.
  5. Deluxe Ski & Snowboard Tuning Kit. The MT701multi-tuner lets you remove hardened burss and restore the finish. The bevel adjusts in ½ degree increments making it simple to use. Two scrapers, one plexi and one metal are provided, as well as tow stones. One for de-burring edges and one for polishing them. 
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