Best Skiing South America: Top 5

For the 5 best skiing spots in South America you don’t need to look further than Argentina and Chile. Whether you are a big-mountain daredevil or bunny trail enthusiast, South America has your needs covered.

  1. Las Lenas, Argentina. Las Lenas is home to the Marte lift, which provides access to the steepest terrain to ski in South America served by a lift. The resort caters mainly to the advanced skier with abundant lifts to extreme terrain. Make sure you have a decent amount of time and money before you make the trip to this expensive resort, though. Las Lenas is the extreme skiers paradise, but you have to pay to play.
  2. San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. Around twelve miles from Bariloche you will find the well-rounded resort of Cerro Catedral. This resort has done its best to provide something for all snow lovers. The safe bet for skiing in South America, there are fifty trails, twenty-nine lifts and a snowboard park and half pipe for snowboarders.
  3. San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina. If you’re less interested in adrenaline pounding in your ears and more interested in relaxation, Cerro Chapelco has the slopes for you. With a ski school, twenty-nine signaled runs and ten lifts, this resort provides a homey, relaxing vibe. Enjoy the restaurants tucked away in the slopes and the view of Lascar Lake. Advanced and expert trails are also available and Chapelco offers the best tree skiing in South America.
  4. Portilo, Chile. This somewhat isolated resort is also the oldest in Chile at fifty-five. Portilo is classic, well-maintained and picturesque, presenting clear views of the Andes Mountains and Laguna del Inca. The skiing is eccentric; you can ski a lake, steep avalanche chute or stick to well-marked traditional trails. This resort opens after the Rockies skiing season ends, so plan a trip from June through October.
  5. Nevados de Chillan, Chile. If long rides excite you, Nevados de Chillan is your ideal resort. It boasts the longest rides to ski in South America and is quickly catching up to Portilo in terms of popularity. Along with tamer rides for beginners, there is also a steep bowl and vertical descents around six thousand feet for the advanced skier.

Skiing was first recognized as a sport about five thousand years ago when an ancient snow devotee painted a skier on a Siberian cave wall. If you’re ready to leave your mark on Argentinean or Chilean skiing, or just want to leave your tracks in the snow, then check out one of the above resorts for the best skiing in South America.

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