Best Snowboards for Beginners

If you are ready to buy your first snowboard, you need to learn about the best snowboards for beginners. The most important factors to consider when buying a snowboard for beginners is the type of riding and the size. Smaller boards tend to be easier to maneuver; but if you are a bigger individual, you are going to need something longer, so that you don't lose control. Generally speaking, you want to go with a free ride or an all mountain snowboard. Here are some of the best snowboards for beginners.

  1. Burton Twin 2009. This freeride snowboard is perfect for beginners.  This snowboard is relatively light and flexible which makes this board easy to turn and requires less strength to maneuver. The Twin 2009 is versatile and will work for all aspects of snowboarding. This is a best snowboard for a rider with a smaller build. Available at for 279.95.
  2. Rossignol Storm 2007. Another All ride snowboard, best for beginners is the Rossignol Storm. This board has a radius side cut, which makes it very responsive and easy to carve and maintain control. It is a bit stiff, so if you are a medium-sized snowboarder, this is the best board for you. Available at for 259.95.
  3. Burton Supermodel 159 Snowboard. You can't go wrong with a Burton snowboard. Burton has done it again with the Supermodel. This is a very popular snowboard for all levels. It is the "original mountain ATV." This board features a twin flex and is compatible with traditional or EST bindings. Available at for 379.95.
  4. Ride Yukon Snowboard . This snowboard is best for beginners who are ready to start trying some tricks.  If you don't mind spending a little bit more money, the Ride Yukon is the best snowboard for you. The Yukon combines freestyle and freeride styles to bring you with a board that provides a smooth ride and a thin cut board to make jumps easier . It is available for 549.95 at
  5. Burton Clash Snowboard. This All Mountain snowboard is a best buy for beginners and intermediate riders. The special "cruise-control" technology makes carving and turning easy. The fiberglass makes the board flexible and responsive. Another versatile snowboard great for doing tricks and all mountain riding. Available at for 198.93.
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