Best Songs On Guitar Hero 5 Song List

Check out this list of the best songs on the Guitar Hero 5 song list and see if you have these songs downloaded to your game already.  By the time that Guitar Hero 5 was released in 2009, the concept of adding songs to the playlist of the Guitar Hero game was in full effect. Some of the best songs on Guitar Hero 5 song list were added after the game was released.

  1. "Sweating Bullets" – Megadeth. Metal songs always make for great Guitar Hero songs because of their solos and intricate guitar rhythms. This is one of the best songs on the Guitar Hero 5 song list because it has a great driving rhythm to it and some extremely complicated solos. Once you master this song, you are ready to move on to more difficult material.
  2. "Sultans of Swing" – Dire Straits. This classic hit from 1978 is one of the most highly regarded guitar songs by guitar players all over the world. The complicated rhythm track translates very well into Guitar Hero 5, and the game player can get a feel for how difficult this song can be to play on a real guitar. Its smooth style and easy rhythm make this one of the best songs on the Guitar Hero 5 song list.
  3. "Judith" –  A Perfect Circle. A Perfect Circle is the side project of Tool front man Maynard James Keenan. "Judith" is one of the best songs A Perfect Circle ever released, and it translates very well to Guitar Hero 5. It seems simple when you listen to it, but when you try to play it you realize exactly how complicated the song really is.
  4. "Fame" – David Bowie. Even in Guitar Hero 5, there is nothing complicated about the song "Fame". But what makes it one of the best songs on the Guitar Hero 5 song list is the many seemingly random parts that players have to be ready to emulate. You need real rhythm in order to master this song on Guitar Hero 5.
  5. "What I Got" – Sublime. In a very short career, the band Sublime made a huge impact on the music world. This song contains several different kinds of guitar styles that can make it difficult to play on Guitar Hero 5. The guitar also plays against the beat as opposed to with it, which can make this song extremely difficult for people who are gamers but not musicians.
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