Best Sport Fishing Yachts

For anyone who is into fishing, here are the best sport fishing yachts money can buy. It's an incredible feeling being on the open water, feeling the breeze as you wait patiently for that one big catch. It's even better when you're on a yacht. If your lady won't join you on your fishing expedition, don't worry. Make up for it by sailing in one of these high performance machines. Your lady will probably get jealous of all the time you spend with your new lady love.

  1. Strike Sport Fishing Yachts: Now, these sport fishing yachts are what I’m talking about. High performance, sleek look and a speed to make you feel like a man.  I’m a woman and I get goose bumps from just looking at these hot sport fishing yachts. Since 1977, Strike Yacht has been putting out boats you’ll feel proud in. Get your gear, ice your cooler and head out. The sea is your playground.
  2. Bertram: Bertram puts out yachts perfect for taking the family out fishing. They’re fun and worth the money. Even your significant other will love this. Ten models to choose from, but the 800 model is quite a looker.
  3. Rampage: The name says it all. Rampage is an offshore fishing experience. Take this one out if you want to be king of the sea. Rampage is versatile, fast and able to take on anything you throw at it.
  4. Sea Force IX: Sea Force IX models are sights to behold. Gorgeous and fast describes Sea Force IX yachts perfectly. This is a company who knows what makes a man happy. Find your perfect yacht in Sea Force’s fleet of incredible machines.
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