Best Star Wars Lightsabers And Collectibles

Compiling a list of the best "Star Wars" lightsabers and collectibles is a subjective process. Whether you are just starting a "Star Wars" collection or building an existing one, you have probably realized that having a complete collection is next to impossible. This list is just a starting point, but hopefully it will lead you to a few new "Star Wars" treasures.

  1. Lightsabers The lightsaber is "an elegant weapon from a more civilized age." When Luke turned on his father's lightsaber for the first time, that was probably the ultimate “geek moment.” Probably the greatest lightsaber memorabilia is an actual prop from the movies. There have been a few that have been sold at auctions for various benefits. Needless to say, they usually bring a pretty penny; although the highest price paid for a "Star Wars" piece was for an actual movie-worn helmet of Darth Vader. A lightsaber that is hard to come across is the original toy from Kenner. Released in the late 70s, the lightsaber had a blow up blade that attached to a flashlight. After Timothy Zahn’s book, "Heir to the Empire," came out shortly followed by the special editions of the original "Star Wars" trilogy, collecting boomed again. Lightsabers became electronic and very player friendly. Those first lightsabers, while produced en masse, are still quite a find MIP (mint in package). During the build up of the opening of "Star Wars: Episode I," you could have pretty much any electronic lightsaber you could possibly want. This was also when FX lightsabers were introduced. The greatest lightsaber you could have, short of a real one.
  2. Action Figures Some of the most popular "Star Wars" collectibles are the action figures first released in 1978. The first figures of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi each had a lightsaber built into their arms. The lightsaber would slide out from the arm. There was also a skinnier piece of plastic that would telescope out from the piece that would come out of the arm. This little piece was very easy to break that there are very few intact ones that have survived until today. They are very sought after. The only thing similarly rare and coveted is the vinyl-caped Jawa. Behind all these are the “Droids” action figure of Vlix from Brazil. Never made in the United States, Vlix is very hard to come by. One of the rarest collectibles to come from the post "Star Wars: Episode I" period is the  “Slide” Weequay action figure. Due to a production change, they are the modern version of the vinyl-caped Jawa.
  3. Posters The Type A "Star Wars" movie poster that was the original mass market advertising for the movie is valuable and sought after. This poster depicts Luke standing with his lightsaber held above his head in both hands while Leia is sitting by his leg with her arm wrapped around it.
  4. Other Collectibles "Star Wars" has been marketed in almost every conceivable way from clothing to cups. One of George Lucas’ favorite collectibles is the Romans Ceramics R2-D2 cookie jar. Who wouldn’t like getting a cookie from R2-D2? The 80s and 90s were lean years for "Star Wars" collectibles. There were some pewter ship statuettes in a few specialty shops and some role-playing books in comic book shops.

Whether you're an old-school fan or are just getting started, there is a nearly never-ending assortment of "Star Wars" lightsabers and collectibles to choose from. No matter your budget, you can have a bit of the "Star Wars" movies to make your own.

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