Best Stereos for a Jeep

Finding the best stereos for a Jeep can be difficult. Jeeps, unlike most SUVs, offers new challenges to the car audio enthusiast. The head unit must have enough power to be expandable, as well as durable to withstand the rough ride of a Jeep. In the car audio world, there are three names that stick out for those looking for high quality and durability, and these make the best stereos for a Jeep.:

  1. Pioneer's AVIC While pricey, this is one of the best stereos for a Jeep that has more room in the dash. The AVIC-Z110BT is a double-din unit. Its upside is it consists of turn-by-turn GPS, CD/DVD player, seven-inch touch screen, hands free call back, and so much more. At an average price of $900, it might be a little heavy on the wallet, but well worth the price for some.
  2. Sony Xplod Sony is always a good choice. As a durable head unit, the Xplod CDX-GT920U is one of top models on the market. This stereo is also only single-din, so it can fit in all existing stereo compartments. Some options that make this one of the best stereos for a Jeep are the three pre-amp out puts. This will allow you to expand on your audio system. It also offers the ability for HD and/or satellite radio control modules. Sony has many Xplod head units to choose from. Some have faceplates that are removable. Others have faceplates that lower so you can access the controls on the backside.
  3. Alpine CDE-102 If you are one that is not into all the bells and whistles than the Alpine CDE-102 CD receiver is good basic choice. Alpine is available in many odels, from technical to basic. The CDE-102 is as basic as they come. It is a stylish receiver and CD with USB port, and it makes one of the best stereos for a Jeep.

From high tech to basic, there are many choices of car receivers. To build one of the best stereos for a Jeep, the choices differ to what the user is going to expect from the head unit. Enjoy the ride.

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