Best Street Food: Bangkok

From the bizarre to the comforting, here is a list of the best street food in Bangkok. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is known for its exotic beauty. The city features floating markets, temples, and bazaars, as well as finely crafted wares. Although Bangkok is filled with restaurants catering to innumerable tastes, travelers are often drawn to the street food that is authentically Thai, unique, or just easy and filling.

  1. Insects.  Scary to behold at first, mounds of crickets and maggots often lie in buckets on display by vendors, waiting to be purchased as a snack.  Although unusual, these insects have no real taste once fried, and mainly act as a vehicle for whatever dusting of spices the vendor chooses to flavor them with.  With no other flavor but seasoning, these fried foods add a crunch and make it on our list of the best street food in Bangkok.
  2. Sausage. Grilled up before your eyes on many street corners, street vendors offer up this most ubiquitous of Western snacks with a Thai twist, surely some  of the best street food. In Bangkok, sausage is served up like kabobs, skewered, seasoned with fiery Thai peppers and sauces, and then given to customers bereft of the buns that make them a ballpark favorite. These sausages are often stuffed with vermicelli noodles or rice, further distancing themselves from their Western relative.
  3. Samosas. Although originating in India, these tasty treats have managed to become popular in Bangkok. Samosas are deep fried triangular packets stuffed with a spiced potato mixture, and are often served with a cool sauce. A favorite all throughout India, samosas are now a favorite in Bangkok. But be careful, because this example of the best street food in Bangkok is always served mouth-searingly hot straight from the fryer.
  4. Pad Thai. Often thought of as a sit-down meal in the West, Pad Thai is a very popular curb-side treat in Bangkok. Made with flat noodles reminiscent of fettucine, Pad Thai incorporates mixed vegetables, chicken, or tofu in a flavorful sauce, and is often served with pickled spicy chiles on the side. This most Thai of dishes, Pad Thai, rounds out our list of the best street food in Bangkok.
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