Best Street Food On Beale Street

The best street food on Beale Street in Memphis are served in restaurants and by food vendors.  It is food that you can eat  walking or sitting down to enjoy. Street food on Beale Street includes fries, ribs, tamales, fajitas, barbecue pork sandwiches, chicken wings, gumbo, crab cakes, shrimp, chili, catfish, and burgers. It is spicy food that is broiled or fried with a barbecue focus. It has a southern influence and a Mexican slant. The best street foods on Beale Street are listed below. Customers love the street food on Beale Street and return again and again to eat there.

  1. Tamales are made with beef; peppers and spices rolled in corn meal dough and corn husks then steamed cooked. They are often served with a side dish of chili. There are different recipes for tamales and different ingredients. The Blues City Cafe on Beale Street serves some of the best.
  2. Chile cheese fries are hand cut fries that are deep fried in fat then topped with a spicy mixture of melted cheese and chili. It is served as a tasty side dish with lunch and dinner. Customers love these spicy messy fries. They are served at Dyer's on  Beale Street along with great fried burgers.
  3. Hot Chicken Wings fried and served with hot or mild barbecue sauce is often a favorite on Beale Street. They often come with a dipping sauce of blue cheese, ranch or honey mustard to dip the chicken in. A great snack food that makes a meal for some customers. Wings are often served with celery sticks too. Try Alfred on Beale at 197 Beale Street for the best hot chicken wings and the Rum Boogie Cafe at 182 Beale Street.
  4. Fajitas are grilled chicken and beef served with shredded cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, sour cream on a hot tortilla. Sometimes they come with guacamole sauce too .Often they have a spicy seasoning  The Hard Rock Cafe at 315 Beale Street serves delicious fajitas.
  5. A pulled pork sandwich is shredded pork on a roll dripping with barbecue sauce. It is tender and juicy served with your choice of hot or mild barbecue sauce. The sandwich is often topped with coleslaw. It is a crunchy tasty street food sandwich. For a great pulled pork sandwich try Pig on Beale.
  6. Crab Cakes often fried to a golden brown and served with tartar sauce is a popular street food. Green tomatoes fried southern style served with horseradish sauce is another popular street food that customers love. Try the King Palace Cafe at 162 Beale Street for these tasty street foods.
  7. Gumbo is a stew often make with chilies, tomatoes, sausage, fish, shrimp and rice. It is made with different ingredients but always is spicy and is thickened with a roux or file powder.  It is often packaged for customers to take out in sealed containers. The Rum Boogie Cafe and King Palace Cafe both serve delicious gumbo.

Remember the best street food on Beale Street has many possibilities. Every customer likes different foods and along this street there are many quality restaurants and food vendors to choose from.

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