Best Street Food: Beijing

This list of Best Street Food: Beijing showcases everything from the bizarre to the tasty. Street foods, in any culture, give travelers the opportunity to dive into tastes and meats not often eaten back at home. This can range from glorious quick bites of savory goodness to crunchy creatures on a stick which can be perfectly recounted later in a travel story for less adventurous friends back home.

  1. Scorpion. Beijing is known for its bizarre foods, as the night life brings out an assortment of curb-side delights sure to amaze. Scorpions are a popular delicacy when displayed and are very popular with tourists from other parts of China, as well as abroad. The simple preparation of scorpions, deep fried in oil and lightly seasoned then served on a stick, may not be the best tasting street food in Beijing, but it certainly earns huge style points in terms of looks and adventure.
  2. "Jian bing".  A more traditional Beijing street-side commodity, "Jian bing" is a delicious egg crepe freshly made in front of your eyes.  Vendors make the crepe and stuff it with onions and crushed crackers. The great thing is that you can choose your own fillings and the vendor will gladly add sauces, pickled vegetables, and meats, making it among the most popular street foods in Beijing.
  3. Stuffed buns. A popular snack food in many parts of China, stuffed buns are steamed blobs of white bread that are about the size of a softball. The buns are stuffed with an assortment of savory fillings, including pork, beef, mushrooms, and vegetables. Dipped in flavorful sauces provided by the vendor, these stuffed buns make it on our list of Best Street Food: Beijing.
  4. Lamb kebabs. One of the most satisfying and colorful meals to be made on the streets of China, kebabs rounds out our list of Best Street Food: Beijing. Vendors thread the lamb on sticks, grill them before your eyes on a sizzling grill, and season them with a powder of ground chiles. A popular nighttime delight, such kebab stands are available everywhere on the streets of Beijing.
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