Best Street Food: Delhi

While westerners are often familiar with Indian food with its fiery curries, spices, and breads, they are often only familiar with food that appears in sit-down restaurants rather than the curb-side delicacies that make this list of best street food in Delhi. As one of the most populous countries on earth, the hawkers, vendors, and  merchants of India feed their people with a variety of snacks and sweets on every street corner. Delhi is no exception to this and boasts some of the best street food in the entire country, food that often does not make it to the countertops of restaurants in the West. 

  1. Puri.  While naan is the bread of choice in Western Indian restaurants, Puri is the bread of choice on the streets of Delhi. Made of unleavened dough deep fried in oil, Puri lends a satisfying crunch to every bite and is most often served with a variety of spicy curries, making it a favorite street food in India.
  2. Pakora. Fried foods are the staple of choice in most street side fare and there is no exception to this rule in India. Vendors take sweet potatoes, bits of chicken, cauliflower and onions, dip them into curry-flavored batter, and deep fry them. They are dried, seasoned and served with sauces that are often as tasty as the pakora themselves. Pakoras are most often served with tamarind sauce–a dark, sweet sauce made of sugar and tamarind pulp and a green chile chutney made with garlic, ginger, chille and mint.
  3. Samosas.  Samosas, small triangular-shaped packets of potato curry, are a favorite in Delhi. Deep fried in oil, these snacks are also served with a tamarind sauce and are popular throughout India.
  4. Jalebi. Jalebi is fried dough soaked in a sugary coating. It has an incredibly sweet taste. This bright orange snack is quite popular with children and instantly satisfying the sweet tooth of Indians. Jalebi rounds out our list of best street food in Delhi.



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