Best Street Food: Hong Kong

This list of Best Street Food: Hong Kong showcases the foods that drive this international city.  Hong Kong, along with Macau, is one of two special districts of China and is a bustling metropolitan city known for its big business.  With its multicultural background as a city of world trade and as a former British colony, Hong Kong's street foods showcase a plethora of treats from the town's mixed past.

  1. Pig intestine.  Starting out our list of Best Street Food: Hong Kong, these pig intestines are skewered on a stick and then deep fried.  The fat of the intestines becomes crispy while still maintaining a chewy interior. This dish is a popular Cantonese curb-side delicacy and is easily carried while walking and is simply served sizzling from the fryer with hot mustard.
  2. Fried Noodles.  Savory, greasy, and filling, this dish is made with pan fried noodles, oil, and green onions.  You can find a fried noodle stand at almost every corner of Hong Kong, and they are served with a side of hot sauce.  Common in Hong Kong, China, and most of Asia, fried noodles make it on our list of Best Street Food: Hong Kong.
  3. Chestnuts.  Many stands in Hong Kong seasonally sell chestnuts that are stir fried with coals next to the street to impart a unique charred flavor to the nuts.  These stands are often on the move and the vender will often pick up his cart and moves it from one location to the next depending on the business of the area.  People buy the chestnuts as a walking snack or take a large amount in a bag to share with friends and coworkers at home or at work.
  4. Dim Sum. Popular with Westerners at sit-down restaurants, dim sum is a popular street food in Hong Kong. Traditionally made with pork meat or fish, the bits of meat are carefully wrapped in a dumpling and then steamed.  Customers can then flavor the dumplings with sauces provided by the vendor. These can include soy sauce, hot sauce, or sweet chile sauces.
  5. Stinky tofu.  An instantly recognizable Hong Street food, stinky tofu makes our list of Best Street Food: Hong Kong with its powerful aroma. Slabs of stinky fermented tofu are cut, skewered on a stick, and then deep fried.  Served fresh from the fryer, stinky tofu obtains a crispy outside while maintaining a soft interior.  As with all Hong Kong street foods, stinky tofu often comes with hot sauce, sweet chile pastes, and soy sauce.
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