Best Street Food in Los Angeles

Locals and tourists alike should check out the best street food in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a city known for having the best street food. When discussing street food a city in which street food is so popular that they recently held the hugely successful “LA street food fest”, the bar is set very high. This is a list of the best street food in Los Angeles.

  1. First on the list of mobile delicacies is the Icycle Bicycle. They offer up natural and allergen free foods which is a definite plus for those on the go. They are based out of parent company Locali. For information visit 5825 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles, California 90028. The phone number is 323-466-1360.
  2. Succulent rotisserie chicken seasoned with savory herbs is not the type of food one would expect to find as street food. Yet the Grilled Masters street vendors serve up not only delicious chicken but side items and vegetarian options. The contact information for Grillmasters is phone number 310-515-1902. The email address is
  3. This popular healthy street food restaurant makes the list of the best street food in Los Angeles because of the natural way that the animals are fed that go into their products. The popularity of Let's Be Frank continues to grow due to the delicious taste. Carts are located on Helms avenue between Washington and Venice Blvds. The truck is also often located 2395 Glendale Blvd.
  4. The next vendor to make the list of the best street food in Los Angeles is Border Grill. The handmade taco coupled with the spicy roasted south of the border flavor of delicious fillings is just one of the offerings of this rolling restaurant. Visit their website for a list of stops for this street vendor. A contact number for information is 213-486-5171.
  5. The combination of insanely reasonable prices and street food convenience, makes Kogi BBQ-To-Go one of the best street food vendos in Los Angeles. The short rib tacos are delicious. The Kogi sliders made with short rib and sesame mayo are phenomenal. To find locations for Kogi, contact
  6. The next street vendor on the list of the best street food in Los Angeles is Worldfare. This is a no-brainer. These trucks feature food from all of the world on one gourmet food truck. The schedule can be obtained via their website or contact
  7. The next mobile restaurant on the list of the best street food in Los Angeles is The Grilled Cheese Truck. Who does not love grilled cheese. The truck has managed to do it better. They offer ingredients that can be added to the sandwich and a chewy nutty desert melt. To find out where The Grilled Cheese will park next contact or visit their website.
  8. The buttermilk truck offers a delicious breakfast alternative to taco's and hotdogs. Crispy warm buttermilk pancake bites, crispy fried chicken and fluffy buttermilk biscuits are just some of the comfort food treats this truck offers. For a truck schedule visit the website or contact
  9. Need the cure for a sweet tooth? Vist the Sweet Truck? Gourmet style cakes, cookies and brownies as well as candy and beverages make this a delicious stop when looking for the best street food in Los Angeles. Track where this sinful delight will be stopping by visitng the website or calling 323-393-6788 they can also be contacted by fax at 310-356-4905. They are also available by email at
  10. The final street vendor on the list of the best street food in Los Angeles is the Frysmith. This restaurant serves some of the most creative and flavorful french fry creations in Los Angeles. To find out where this mobile fry museum will be stopping next call 818-371-6814 or email

Never skimp on flavor when it comes to a mobile meal. These best street food eateries illustrate the fact that Los Angeles has a long history of delicious street food. Watch your waist and dive in.

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