Best Street Food in New York

This list of Best Street Food in New York combines the greatest snacks of the Big Apple.  As a city that famously never sleeps, New Yorkers are accustomed to getting food on the go at any time of day. Luckily, in this multi-cultural city, the choices abound.

  1. Hot dogs. Starting out the list of Best Street Food in New York is probably the most American of street foods, the hot dog.  Hot dog vendors are particularly famous in this town for grilling up all-beef sausages served on toasted buns.  Customers can choose classic toppings to compliment their snack, including yellow mustard, ketchup, onions, and relish.
  2. Pizza.  Pizza by the slice is another classic favorite New York Street Food.  Many Italian-Americans call New York their home, and the many traditional Pizzerias and Italian restaurants in the city attest to this. Pizzerias in New York have a long tradition of serving large, thin crust, New York style pizzas, often with their own homemade sauces, to customers in restaurants or in booths that open up to the street.
  3. Falafel.  Falafel, are Middle Eastern fried chickpea balls.  The balls are formed, deep fried, and served with condiments like hummus and a cooling cucumber sauce.  Falafel is often served side-by-side with grilled lamb or grilled chicken, making it on our list of Best Street Food in New York.
  4. Tacos.  Tacos, deep fried tortilla shells stuffed with an assortment of ingredients, is Mexican favorite that has quickly been adopted in America.  In New York, taco vendors stuff tacos with meat, cheese, sour cream, and shredded lettuce.  Taco vendors often serve other Mexican snacks, like tamales and quesadillas, enabling customers to make an entire meal out of the affair.
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