Best Street Food : Paris

This list of Best Street Food: Paris brings you the tastiest curb-side delicacies in this most culinary of cities.  Street foods are a way to get close to the people in a city, to experience what the Everyman eats, and this list is no exception to the rule.

  1. Crepes. Crepes are the most ubiquitous of street foods in Paris, and seem to exemplify the city.  Freshly made, many cafes will have crepe booths that open to the street from which you can order this tasty treat. After they are made in front of your eyes, you can add butter, sugar, or jam. You can also order them filled with sweet and savory bits, from cheeses and meats to chocolate. As a culinary symbol of France itself, crepes start out our list of the best street food in Paris.
  2. Falafel.  Though not typically considered a French food, falafel has become especially popular in this city, and as such make it on our list of Best Street Food: Paris.  Falafel is a ball of ground chickpea, deep fried and served with hummus, tahini, and other sauces.  As such, they offer fried, travel-friendly bits of savory food perfect for the hungry traveler.
  3. Baguette.  Along with crepes, baguettes seem to symbolize the French aesthetic. Deceptively simple, these long breads are fluffy and warm, especially when straight from the oven. Often used as material for sandwiches, they are perfect alone as a Paris street food.
  4. Pastries.  Famed for its sweets, Paris street vendors cannot help but field an assortment of pastries for the hungry street walker. Often bakeries will have a curb side booth, like crepes, where you can order an assortment of tiny yet powerfully sweet bundles of sugar. A perfect end to a street-side feast, the pastries of France round out our list of Best Street Food: Paris.
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